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David and Lori Hessel

"We are grateful to God for the inestimable blessings we enjoy. We care about being great stewards of land and animals. We treat all forms of life with love and respect."

As children of parents who witnessed the tragic Dust Bowl, we know what happens to mistreated, monocultured land. By using one crop and poor soil conservation practices, the topsoil became depleted and wasn't replenished as nature historically built topsoil. This history of our family lit a fire in our hearts and we committed never to mistreat the land and take active steps to rebuild our soil and grasses. We have become more careful and strategic with our soil and animal stewardship practices through family mentoring, community, and formal & informal education. We are constantly learning and attending training in the latest in land management, agriculture, and gardening practices and have taken our passion to the next level. We are proud to say we are taking documented steps each year mindfully producing quality, nutrient rich soil for our cattle, chickens, and vegetables to feed you (and us too!) 


We are very particular with our quality and standards of healthy living and this translates into 3H Ranch Beef. We are now ready to share the wealth with the public. 

We are dedicated followers of Aldo Leopold. We manage the environment through 5 things: Gun, Animal, Plow, Axe, Fire.

“When we see land was a community which we belong we may begin to use it with love and respect” 


Come see for yourself!

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