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Over the years we realized the need for more loving care and updated sustainable agricultural practices. These lead to higher quality beef, farming and agriculture results. With this changed approach, mixed with many personal grocery store trip let-downs, we decided to make the commitment to do what we could to live off of our sustainable ranch. We love the fact that we know exactly what, where and how our livestock is raised.


We believe our love and passion is instilled into every form of life here on the ranch. As a result, we have become heavily involved in raising beef cattle. At the same time, we are constantly working to restore the soil to a better state than it was the day before. We believe we were put on this earth to produce, and every day we should "get up and get after it." We are living that philosophy.

We continuously practice rotational planting and seasonal no-till cover cropping so that the land can rest, recover and regenerate. This allows the land to stay healthy in a natural and sustainable way, with no use chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, or artificial growth hormones. This has produced the best quality of life for every living thing on the ranch.


Our 308 acre ranch is located about 95 miles directly west of downtown Houston, 85 miles from downtown Austin and 107 miles from downtown San Antonio.



40 Cows

No-Till Carbon Sequestration Enhancement

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